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Date of last change: Nov 29, 2017

Privacy Policy

The All For Eco Privacy Policy describes what information we collect from the All For Eco community, how we protect this information from leaking, what we use this information for, how we share such information with others and how users can request a copy of our information about them, and request that this information is destroyed.


What information do we collect?

Today all the information we collect about users signing up are user's Name, Email-address, City, Country, interests and knowledge related to the platform's purpose: to serve as a communications and nudging platform around a sustainable future.

As our system develops, we plan to also maintain information about actions performed by the user in the system such as accepting challenges, reading news, sending invitations, writing posts.

How do we protect this information from leaking?

We are taking every reasonable effort to protect the collected data from leaking from our systems into unauthorized hands. Still, it is not uncommon that hackers manage to get hold of data from organizations with even greater protection skills than we have. User's that are uncomfortable with or unwilling to risk that some or all of their private data could leak should not use our service.


Our servers use encrypted storage, our password policy is to have long and randomized passwords for everything. We keep our server software reasonably up to date to prevent known vulnerabilities from lingering.

How do we use the collected information?

We use the collected information to run our service. We may contact users that have indicated interest to be contacted, such as for participation in beta-programs.


What do we disclose to third parties?

We may buy services from other companies in order to run the service, and to the extent necessary share information with them, provided that they will not share any of the information with others.

We may also share some information with partners and customers, such as aggregate statistics. We may also share information about our users, such as when we link to a customer/partner web site, but never the complete user name or email-address.


How do I opt out?

Users may request to have a copy of the information we have about them sent to them in electronic form. Users may also request that any such information is destroyed. We will then destroy such information within reasonable time and terminate the user's service from us. Such requests are made by mailing to .

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